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Values and proverbs

Greek Spring Day Activities 2004 (Attivitą della Grecia per lo Spring Day 2004)



Students create "culture capsules" containing artifacts and information that will help students of the foreign country understand their particular cultural group. It is a two-step programme. First the students exchange an electronic file (powerpoint or webpage) then they prepare a real parcel and they mail it to the affiliated school.
Culture in a box is in

Spring Day Novel

Classes from schools around Europe write a novel together. Each Spring Day novel involves a group of five schools.

The Question:
Write a story about the Europe of year 2054. Try to include in your story the benefits of enlarging the Union. Write an exciting introduction that will immediately excite and engage the learners.

The action: Each class writes a different chapter of the novel. The class needs to relate to all previous chapters (unless they have the job of writing the first chapter) continuing the novel from the point it was left by the previous class. The final version of each chapter is sent by e-mail to the other classes.

Wall to wall

Challenge your students to investigate historical walls, both real and imaginary. Have them learn more about cyclopean walls, the walls of Jericho, Constaninople walls, the walls of Spain, the Berlin Wall, and any other walls they can discover. Think about the purpose of walls throughout history, and consider the alternatives available in today?s world to achieve the same purposes. Then discuss the extent to which such barriers remain practical. Publish work of your students in your school website and make sure to send us the link.

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