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Values and proverbs

Publiczna Szkoa Podstawowa nr 4 - Ul. Niezomnych 1 - Stalowa Wola


Polish Spring Day 2004 Activities (Attività Spring Day 2004 proposte dalla Polonia)



Na szukanie lepszego wiata nigdy nie jest za póno. It is never too late to look for better world.


W nocy wszystkie koty s czarne. - At night all cats are black.


Wolno bez prawa szalonych zabawa. - Freedom without rules (laws) is like a play of mad people.


Kto mieczem wojuje, ten od miecza ginie. - If you fight with a sword, you will die because of a sword.


Zy to ptak, co wasne gniazdo kala. - Only a bad bird makes its own nest dirty. ( the meaning is, that we should not say bad things about people and places which are "ours", even if they are not as perfect as we would like them to be)


Kto yje z ludmi, to i ludzie z nim. - A person who is open to other people will be appreciated by them.



Coordinator Marta Malek