Values and proverbs


A Spring Day Activity by Prof. Noemi Lusi
Italian Spring Day Pedagogical Advisor


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Values through Proverbs!
(Scopriamo i valori attraverso i proverbi!)

The word proverb (deriving from the Latin "proverbium") is a sentence which, in time, has become part of the national heritage through widespread or frequent use. Most proverbs express some fundamental truth or describe basic rules of behaviour which are often closely related to those values we consider as the basis of our "union", as the "marble pillars" of our personal and common beliefs and of our national and newly-born Constitution.
   Proverbs of cultures living close to each other often happen to present great aspects in common. At the same time, sometimes nuances of meanings and understatements, characterize our countries. As it comes, proverbs happen to represent our unity and our diversity, underlining the richness and uniqueness of our European culture.

Our Spring Day Project!

A project from Italy!
My name is Noemi Lusi and I am the Spring Day in Europe Italian Pedagogical Advisor. I teach English language and Civilization to 14-19 year old boys and girls at "I.I.S. Carlo Urbani" High School in Rome. As I was debating with my students on the main values in class, they showed profound interest in European Union proverbs on them.
Here is the project I would like to carry out with you and with students of any age group.
Please send me a selection of:
1) 8 proverbs (one for each Spring Day 2005 value - Rule of Law, Human dignity and Human rights, Democracy, Tolerance, Solidarity, Peace, Freedom, Equality) both in your own language and in English so that anyone can understand;
- an optional image connected with each theme ( bearing in mind it is best not to send students photos for mutual safety reasons)

I will put them online for you. It can be another way of greeting the new countries.
I'll be waiting for your contributions and very glad to learn more myself and to share our experience and feelings.
Thank you in advance for your collaboration!

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Austria                                                                                                                              Bulgaria
Belgium                               Czech Republic                  Romania
Denmark                              Cyprus                                Turkey
Finland                                  Estonia                               Iceland
France                                   Latvia                                 Croatia
Germany                               Lithuania
Greece                                  Hungary
Ireland                                  Malta
Italy                                      Poland
The Netherlands                  Slovenia
Portugal                                Slovakia

Unity in diversity

Work in progress... Please, come back to us!!!

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